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What’s For Dinner? (Moms On The Go) (Volume 2) 

It’s hard to get excited about making food that is one of the five recipes you’ve been making over and over for the past ten years, so it’s time to expand your recipe library. That’s probably been hard to do though, especially if you’re looking for easy recipes that are simple to prepare, cook, and taste delicious. Have no fear, this book is here. Moms On The Go cookbook series is aimed at busy moms with minimal time, cooking experience and/or patience to prepare elaborate meals for their families all the time

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Party Time! (Moms On The Go) (Volume 1)

The recipes inside “Party Food” are perfect for cookouts, tailgates, or any size get-together. If you’re looking for finger foods, hot and cold appetizers, beverages (kid-friendly or adult), or desserts sure to wow a crowd, this cookbook has them all, along with party planning tips and sample menus. Moms On The Go series is dedicated to moms (and dads!) who need simple, satisfying meal ideas. Whether you have limited time or limited cooking experience, these recipes will help ease your way into cooking without sacrificing taste.

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All I Want Is Cheesecake

In Erin K. Courtney’s first all-dessert cookbook, she reinvents a classic dessert with panache. Whether you’re making a holiday treat, a decadent triple-chocolate confection, or a gooey, crunchy finish to a family event, her original recipes will have your crowd asking for seconds – and thirds. So read up, eat up, and enjoy creating your at-home cheesecake masterpieces!

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