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She-Tris Sprint Triathlon

After completing my first triathlon, I got sucked into the vortex of endurance training and wanted to do it again…and again… That seems to happen after every race; I get super pumped and start looking for future races to participate. The first race was in Mount Pleasant, and this last one was in Summerville. Since I learned after that first race how important it is to have a ROAD bike instead of a mountain bike when it comes to speed, I broke down and got a road bike. This time, my husband and kids came along for support, and we made a weekend trip out of it. (more…)

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Muffins


When I switched over to making all gluten-free, dairy-free baked goods at home, hubby was a little less than thrilled. “Wait, does that mean you won’t be making Cinnamon Roll Muffins anymore?” he asked sadly. He’s not big into the lifestyle I’m into, but is willing to try new things…as long as I don’t try to trick him into eating something he doesn’t know exactly what’s in it. That’s our deal, I have to be straight forward about what I ask him to try, and he’ll try it.  (more…)

Labor Day 5k

After having a somewhat lousy road race experience on July 4th with Covid, I was excited to redeem myself at the Labor Day 5k Race in downtown Columbia. In fact, it was at the exact same location! So far for this year with races, my fastest pace was at my First Sprint Triathlon. That still gives me a chuckle. How in the world has my fastest running pace been in a run that was AFTER a swim and a bike?? That still blows my mind, but there have been so many things that continue to blow my mind regarding endurance training. It’s fascinating on so many levels. (more…)

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins


One of my favorite things to do in life is to trick people into eating more fruits and vegetables. It’s become a slightly obsessive talent, and has gotten to the point where my family asks, “What does this have in it?” I have learned that adding fruits and vegetables into baked goods is not only a fantastic way to add nutrients to your diet, but it’s also a great way to produce baked goods that retain their moisture and don’t dry out easily. With these muffins, you’re getting all kinds of nutrients with the zucchini, oat flour, and ground flaxseed without even realizing you’re eating something healthy. It’s magical. (more…)

My First Triathlon!!

Earlier this year, I started running. Why? Honestly, I don’t really know. I just needed some goals because that part of my life felt kind of empty. My husband is a runner and likes doing shorter races, so we both started training. He does the iFit training programs on his treadmill, and I like to run in our neighborhood. (more…)

Chocolate Cookies ‘n Cream Cake


Now that my daughter is getting a little older, she likes cakes that are less “kid-like.” To be honest, that is perfectly fine with me. When I first started decorating cakes 11 years ago, I liked the kid-like fun stuff…but now I thoroughly enjoy making beautiful dessert cakes even more. The decorated cakes are pretty, but you don’t want to cut them. The dessert cakes look so ridiculously good that you absolutely CANNOT wait to grab a knife, a fork, or just shove your whole face in it. Those are my kind of cakes. (more…)

I Ran a 4-Mile Race with Covid

After my first 5k, I was excited to train for the next upcoming race on July 4th. Little did I know, there would be a bit of a hiccup. The “cold” I thought I had ended up being Covid, which I tested positive for the next day. When I got home from this race, I was unusually fatigued, disoriented, and spiked a fever that afternoon. I was on the couch wrapped up in a blanket the rest of the day, thinking it was exhaustion. It most definitely was not exhaustion, and I spent the next few days binge-watching a bunch of movies I hadn’t seen.


My First 5k!

I’ve never been a big runner. Well, let me rephrase that… I have never enjoyed, worked on, or consistently tried to be a distance runner. Playing softball in my childhood and doing TaeKwonDo in adulthood, I loved the short, explosive, fast movements using fast-twitch muscles. Running long distances was never something I was interested in or naturally talented, so training for something like this was going to take time, consistency, and work. Why  not give it a shot?