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Our Favorite Broccoli

For many years, you couldn’t get my husband to eat broccoli unless it was smothered in cheese or a casserole…until I made this. Typically this steam/saute method I use is extremely versatile with many vegetables, so feel free to switch out your veggies. The first time it graced our dinner plates, he made a face about eating plain broccoli…until he took a bite. Since then, this dish is a regular (at least once a week) to make sure these crazy people in my house get some healthy food in their systems. (more…)

Slow Cooker Turkey Tenderloin

The first time my mom made this for us, I said in disbelief, “Turkey tenderloin? I didn’t even know those existed!!” Fully expecting the meat to be dry when I took a bite, it was incredibly moist and tender. The original recipe that she looked up was for a pork tenderloin with soy sauce, but she wanted to try a healthier version by using turkey in its place. When I got a hold of it, the soy sauce was switched out with coconut aminos. Personally, I prefer coconut aminos to soy sauce anyway, so it was a win-win here! (more…)

Beer Margaritas

In all honesty, I think this recipe needs to come with a warning. So, here it is… THIS STUFF IS STRONG. It’s also fantastic. With that being said, that’s why it’s important for this recipe to come with a warning. If you’re a lightweight like me, you might not be able to handle more of these drinks, or it can lead to some really embarrassing pictures or videos if your friends and family are looking for an opportunity. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! (more…)

Chicken and Broccoli Tortellini

Well, yesterday was the last day of being in my thirties…and I had several reminders from my mom, best friend, and husband. Even my daughter sweetly said, “Enjoy your day!” I’ve always been a HUGE fan of birthdays, and it’s not just my own- it’s EVERYONE’S birthdays. “It’s your day! What do you want to do? What do you want to eat? Where do you wanna go? Anything special? You choose! It’s YOUR day!” I beam with enthusiasm when it’s a birthday. (more…)

Boujee Amaretto Sour

One of my husband’s favorite cocktails is an Old Fashioned. For a long time, he kept experimenting with different ways to recreate his favorite drink at home, but nothing seemed quite right. He finally hit the jackpot after ordering Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup, got the Old Fashioned Glass, and he even went as far as getting the big block ice tray. I chuckled when I saw he ordered maraschino cherries, until I tried them myself. The ones he got are specifically for cocktails, and the syrup is rich and thick…surpassing the quality of what I typically grab at the store. (more…)

Birthday Cake Cheesecake

If you’re wondering what classifies a New York style cheesecake as “Birthday Cake” flavor, I’ll let you in on two little secrets…cake batter extract and colorful sprinkles. Yep, that’s it. Technically, you could spruce this up a little more by making the crust out of Nilla Wafers or Golden Oreos, which would also be fantastic. In fact, the cupcake size tart recipe for this cheesecake uses a whole Golden Oreo as the crust. Score! (more…)

Super Easy Fourth of July Trifle

Click HERE to watch the video tutorial of this recipe!

Fourth of July is one of those big holidays where we all like to get together and have some fun, right? Of course it is! So, whether your gathering is just your immediately family, small group, or waving at people from far away, this dessert is ridiculously easy to throw together…yet delicious and light.  Perfect combination, and it’s cold too! There are  just so many wonderful things going on with this recipe.  (more…)

Our Favorite Shrimp and Grits

In 2017, I worked as an assistant pastry chef at a brand new upscale restaurant. I was overwhelmed and intimidated beyond belief surrounded by the incredible talent and skills of the chefs I worked with, and there wasn’t a dull day that was ever experienced working with these guys. Although it was a very busy, chaotic, and slightly stressful place, the experience I gained from working there, the food, and the daily belly-laughs at the shenanigans were beyond worth it. (more…)

Shark Cakes

Click HERE to watch the slide show of this cake, with many more pictures! 

A few years ago, my nephew turned 10.  This baffled me at the time, considering I have the video footage of his 2nd birthday, blowing out the candle and keeps asking his daddy “More, more?” for him to relight it so that he could blow it out again.  Oh, that’ll be a cute video to show when he turns 21.  Anyway, he was probably my biggest fan when it came to making decorative chocolates.  He thought it was SO cool when I tell him that he can eat one of the decorations because it’s chocolate.  (more…)